Thursday, June 23, 2011

Healthy eating for your children

Although these days our children are active and we are on the go with them 24/7, we still have to be sure they are properly nourished to get them through the day.  My kids are all tiny (My oldest would kill me if he knew I just called him tiny, so for him we will say "very muscular" hee hee) and have amazing metabolisms.  But, it doesn't mean that they shouldn't eat properly.  Yes, they have a can of soda, a pizza, and a bowl of ice cream here and there, but for the most part I try to feed them "good" foods that they will still enjoy and provide them with the necessary energy to get them through the school day and their daily activities.  By feeding them the right way, they get good grades because they can concentrate and they are fully active in all of their daily activities.

No, they are not on diets.  They eat very normal meals, but I try to throw substitues in here and there to take away some of the fat and sugar.  So for example, I am sharing what they had for breakfast today.  I made them an omelot.  Between the three of them, I used 2 full eggs with the yolks, and the other 4 were egg whites.  Trust me, they don't even know the difference.  In the omelot, I put onions and low fat cheese.  On the side, they have whole wheat english muffins with "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Lite".  And finally the side is topped off with fresh fruit.  They all chose blackberries today.

RJ has his high school exams today, so this will be the perfect meal to give him the energy to get through these this morning.

On a side note, a funny story...The other day my 12 year old Reece told me they were having an end of the year party in health class and they had to bring in healthy foods. He asked me if I could make brownies with egg whites and skim milk. I had to laugh because I'm thinking they most likely wouldn't turn out to well. At least I know he is paying attention though to the substitutions I make when cooking. Anyway, we opted for cutting up a ton of fresh fruit and it was a hit. I am imagining it was a hit too because he was the ONLY one in the class who remembered to bring something. Go figure???

Have a great day!


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