Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bicep curls demonstration

Soon I will be offering work out plans for a small fee. I want to start cataloguing the exercises for you to refer to when doing the work outs. Today I will be sharing bicep curls with you. Seeing that I wasn't feeling video worthy today, I had my very muscular (hee hee) son Reece demonstrate them.

(So sorry but the video is sideways. I am unable to rotate it.)

I recommend that if you are just trying to tone up as opposed to bulk up, just use 3-5 pound weights. You will feel the burn with continuous repetitions.

Alternating arms, lift one arm as shown in the video. Pause at the top tightening the bicep. Lower the arm slowly and continue with the other arm.

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  1. Your son is adorable ;)
    Oh, and when I had a trainer before I had kids, he said if you stand on one foot while doing bicep curls, you will work your core too.


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