Sunday, June 12, 2011

The beginning of a new healthy lifestyle

I am so excited to have you here.  About 5 months ago I started a design and home decor blog called Serendipity Chic Design. I have enjoyed it so much that I have decided to start another blog regarding something I have put on the back burner for quite a while now. Health and fitness. I received a physical and health education degree from college in 1993. Before my first child was born in 1996, I was a personal trainer and aquatic therapist at a physical therapy business. Once RJ (my now 15 year old) was born, health and fitness was no longer my priority. Although I still worked out, I just feel I never maintained my full potential. Over the years I have become older (obviously), more fatigued, and much less fit. After all of these years I have decided to get back in shape and start eating healthier.

I have noticed with my design blog that it has become a great motivator to accomplish home decor and furnishing projects. I have met so many fabulous people and know I will do the same here at "Happy Heart Healthy Home". I have so many ideas and plans to help you get on the same track. This blog will be filled with tips, exercises, healthy recipes, and so much more!

In addition, every Friday I will be having a linky party. Each week you will post pictures of your progress. You can add your before and after weight if you'd like to. I will get into more detail regarding this, but in the meantime, get your before photos ready! We will start with those this Friday.

For those of you who really want to join me for the ride, I will be providing you with a full meal plan and work out for a total of $10 a month. I still have to write the plans and get pay pal linked up to my sidebar. I wish I could do this for free, but I plan on putting a lot of time into this to help you achieve your goals.

My goal with this blog is to help you gain a healthier lifestyle with out taking away from your everyday busy lifestlyes. You will be able to fit this in with out having to join a gym or even breaking the bank.

In the meanime, I need everyone to do a few quick things for me.  Buy a pedometer (I will discuss this soon in greater detail), a jump rope, and light weight dumb bells (2-5 pounds)......

I know, boring post with no pictures...I promise, there will be many of those to come.  My blog is obviosuly in the beginning stages and I plan on many renovations around here.  Todays quick tips of the day are the following:

1. Look for the furthest parking spot at the store, not the closest.  Lets not be lazy, lets walk as much as we can...

2. Take the stairs!  Avoid elevators and escalators....

Remember, this is only my first post.  There is sooooo much more to come.

Who is ready to change their lives with me for the better!!???

Take care,


  1. This sounds like just what I need!

    I have 5 (grown now) children and posted this blog about me letting things go.

    I can use all the help I can get.
    Thank you!

  2. What a wonderful idea I hope much success for all. Sincerely Rachel

  3. Wow, this is great Lisa. I wish you much success!

  4. Hey Lisa,

    This is awesome. Congrats on the idea and surely hope you run with it. Ironically, I just hired a trainer. Finally, after seven years of trying to heal a broken neck, I am now ready to go.
    Looking forward to reading more : )



  5. Lisa,
    First of all, Congratulations!! I am so excited!!!
    How are your recipes going to be? Are they fresh ingredients and everyday things or are they different things than the normal family would eat?
    Did I explain that right? I just want to know if it is off the beaten path I guess. It sounds like way fun and I think that I would like to be in on it, I sooo need the energy!!!

  6. @Paula

    Hi Paula...

    Your email was so energetic you got me excited. For the linky party you can link ANYTHING healthy. As far as what I put into the meal plans, I don't think I would go to crazy with something like sauted whale or anything...LOL! I am going to base the meals on simplicity and easy to make for the busy mom, dad, etc.

    This week I am just sticking with simple tips until I can really get this up and running. By next week, we will be going full force! Hopefully we can all get healthy together!

  7. OK, this is so you:) I am so happy you are doing this for you and for us:) My excercising is back on Wednesday afternoon;)I look forward reading more of this fabulous fat free blog!!!
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  8. How exciting! I know this will be a great success.

  9. Good Luck Lisa! I look forward to following along, I love to see people grow into themselves, it's exciting isn't it? big hug, Jenn


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